Inner Action Media - Wannabees that cannot produce. Be aware

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi 2 comments
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They claim to be competent, they are not. They claim to have all of these good ideas, next thing you know they are calling 4 or five other business to clean up their mess that tehy couldn't produce to begin with.

Nothing new, nothing exciting, same drab boring *** we're used to around here. They may as well quit and go work for WBOY or WDTV. At least then we could have better expectations for what they can produce. Rather we get puffed up only to be let down by mediocrity.

Worst experience of my life and I can't believe they even think they are good at this. blah blah blah

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #702635

It's pathetic that people have to resort to anonymous "complaints" to tear down your competitors. Its really lame actually.

Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, United States #631911

True story, they couldn't even make their own promo

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